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Douglas Adams

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Siti Dedicati a Douglas Adams

In Lingua Italiana

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, by Douglas Adams) [ita]
Lo spazio č vasto, incredibilmente vasto...
La Guida Galattica per Autostoppisti.
Qui potete trovare un'ampia collezione di immagini e suoni riguardanti la saga della Guida: dalle copertine originali dei primi quattro romanzi in edizione americana ad alcuni clip audio tratti dalla trasmissione radio della BBC da cui tutto ebbe origine...(Tratto dalla presentazione).

Clarence: Cultura & Spettacolo - Societā delle Menti - Douglas Adams

Douglas Adams (Italian Books)All the five books of the "Hitchiking" saga were published in Italy by Mondadori Urania, a paperback, low price, science fiction serie.

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Intervista a Douglas AdamsAbbiamo scovato l'indirizzo di Douglas Adams su Internet, e gli abbiamo spedito questa intervista. Douglas ci ha risposto in formato compresso. Stuffit o PKZip non avrebbero potuto fare di meglio!

Riprogettare il Titanic Infiliamo il cd-rom Starship Titanic nel nostro PC e saliamo sulla nuova nave intergalattica di Douglas Adams con la guida del suo disegnatore Oscar Chichoni. Un viaggio in un mondo tridimensionale creato grazie alla fantasia che si sposa con la tecnologia: in questo caso, in un "matrimonio" molto particolare.

Capuzzo Filippo:Le recensioni dei libri di... Douglas Adams: la pentalogia della "Guida galattica per gli autostoppisti".

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Guida Galattica per gli AutostoppistiQuesta non č nč una recensione nč un riassunto. Č soltanto il tentativo di creare un po' di scompiglio nelle audaci menti di coloro che vogliono avventurarsi nella lettura di questa stravagante serie di romanzi di fantascienza.
comunitā virtuali Una comunitā di ricercatori galattici. Alla fine degli anni Settanta, in Italia, ma anche nel resto del mondo, non si parlava ancora di Internet.......Circolava invece, in un'economica edizione Urania, un romanzo di fantascienza che passō rapidamente di mano in mano, fino a diventare un cult: La guida galattica per gli autostoppisti....

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Corriere della Fantascienza La Guida al ristorante galattico degli autostoppisti... e dintorni. Una vera chicca per gli amanti di Douglas Adams arriverā il prossimo autunno. Tutti i romanzi del ciclo della Guida galattica... e non solo!.

Douglas Adams Bibliografia Completa Catalogo Sf, Fantasy e Horror, a cura di Ernesto VEGETTI (cronologico)

In Lingua Inglese

h2g2   Welcome to the Earth Edition of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which we call h2g2 for short.We're compiling the Earth Edition of the Guide to Life, the Universe and Everything - written by people like you, our Researchers - and we need your help.

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Adams, Douglas is the creator of all the various contradictory manifestations of The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which include a radio series, a tv series, a stage play, record albums, a computer game, a series of internationally best-selling books, a set of graphic novels and, apotheotically, a bath towel. Author-maintained website at the Digital Village.
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Douglas Adams Page
An extensive selection of links to web resources of all sorts related in some way or another to author Douglas Adams and his writing.

Douglas Adams Quote Directory
A collection of Adams' wit, culled from his various books, as well as the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio scripts.
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Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic
The Official Website for Douglas Adams' Starship Titanic - An incredible new adventure game for PC CD-ROM.

The Spoiler Centre: Douglas Adams` Starship Titanic Starship Titanic an adventure game by Douglas Adams for Windows 95 Copyright 1988 Simon & Schuster Interactive and The Digital Village -  FAQ/Walkthrough Version 2.0 Copyright 1998 Jeff "CJayC" Veasey, Last Updated 6/1/98 This file was written for (and the latest edition can always be found at) GameFAQs

The Spoiler Centre - Douglas Adams`Starship Titanic
Starship Titanic - Games Domain Review Douglas Adams'Starship Titanic solution by Crash solution by Jeff "CJayC" Veasey.

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Captain Xenadoo's Starship Titanic Page
Unofficial fan page for Starship Titanic by Douglas Adams. Not very big now, but growing.

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Douglas Adams: Galaxis Utikalauz Stopposoknak Ford Galaxis Page [hu] [ing] Testi completi in lingua inglese ed in ungherese dei libri: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy,    The Restaurant at the End of the Universe,    Life, the Universe, and Everything,    So long, and thanks for all the fish,  Mostly Harmless.

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Floor 42 - Fans of Douglas Adams
Another Zarking Douglas Adams Page, filled with bibliography, links, trivia, liff-word-a-day, and penguins.

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Douglas Adams work Exposed
Insider view at the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, and other Humoristic Novels by Douglas Adams.

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Oxford University Douglas Adams Society

Review: Last Chance To See, by Douglas Adams
The savvy reader will readily recognize Douglas Adams as the deservedly celebrated, best-selling, and hilariously inspired author of the "Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series, as well as Mark Carwardine, the extremely experienced and knowledgeable zoologist and author of several books relative to wildlife and environmental issues.

greenguy2.jpg (4330 byte)The Definitive Douglas Adams Page
A meta-page for the webmaster's various projects centering around works by Douglas Adams, including the Hitchhiker's Guide series and Starship Titanic.

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The Douglas Adams Worship Page.
Features several FAQs, a searchable index, Internet links, Infocom games spoilers, and more (Fan maintained).

American Atheist interview Douglas Adams talks about atheism - "Life, the Universe, and Everything: An Interview with Douglas Adams by David Silverman

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AppleMastersSure, Tom Clancy and Douglas Adams are Macophiles, but what about Dr Murray Gell-Mann? Some famous names stand up to be counted at this Apple Corp site.
Douglas Adams's official web site

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Hitchhiker's Guide to Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Hitchhikers Guide to Star Trek  - September 21, 1990 This parody is written by David T Lu and Mickey McCarter, and hereby granted to the Public Domain. All duplications of this parody is completely legal as long as such duplications are made within the United Federation Space, that this notice be included with all duplications, and each duplication is made with a donation of fifty (50) Altarian Dollars, at the current inter-galactic money market exchange rate, to Save the Dolphins Foundation, in care of: David T Lu, Amateur Thinker -or-Mickey McCarter, Potential President .

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Missing Chapters, The Within this site you will find the missing chapters to "So Long and Thanks for all the Fish".
An alternative to Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams, a continuation of So Long and Thanks for All the Fish.

Surfer's Guide to the Galaxy
"Douglas Adams offers opinions on flames, lurking and casual sex" - Interview with NetGuide Magazine

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The Digital Village
The Digital Village: an online entertainment company creating TV, CD-ROM, movies, games (Starship Titanic), global events and,online, The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Founders include Douglas Adams.

blob-t.jpg (2815 byte)  Douglas Adams A tribute to him ... and to the Project Galactic Guide (Non fatevi prendere dal panico !)


Douglas Adams (FAQ) The FAQ. This is the list of frequently asked questions (and their answers) for the newsgroup There is biographical information about Douglas Adams, answers to the frequently asked questions that plague the group, interesting notes and tidbits that you may not have known, and anything else that I and readers of the group have found interesting.

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Douglas Adams (Bibliography) THE COMPLETE(ISH) DOUGLAS ADAMS BIBLIOGRAPHYYes, granted there was that rather splendid bibliography in 'Book & Magazine Collector' last year [For gods sake Simo put a sock in it - rest of committee], but some items were only mentioned in passing and a couple were (gasp) omitted. This list of Douglas' UK works is far more complete, but I'm still open to correction if you spot any mistakes.

Douglas Adams (Resources) Other Resources on the Net

Douglas Adams (Quotes)I thought that since has a quotes directory, also has a quotes directory, why not adams? So, I locked myself away for a few days (pizzas slid under the door so I wouldn't starve) and set to it. I decided to leave out the Liff books since they are basically quotes in themselves and copying them here didn't seem right somehow. You'll notice that some books have very few quotes here. This isn't because the books aren't funny (except, perhaps, in the case of SLATFATF), it's because in later books DNA specialized in the throwaway line which aren't funny on their own, but are when you've read the previous two pages.

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Project Galactic Guide FAQ Project Galactic Guide Frequently Asked Questions The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy -  The Restaurant at the End of the Universe -  Life, the Universe, and Everything -  So long, and thanks for all the fish - Mostly Harmless (Big textfile)-


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Hiddi's Hitchhiker PageI really like Douglas Adams' trilogy of "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy". It is a true multimedia SF event, having been done as Radio Drama, TV, Books, Records, Pop Songs, a Stage Play, Interactive Computer Game, and discussion of a movie.

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Corey's Realm Hairpie! No...on second thought, let's not go to Camelot. 'Tis a silly place." ---King Arthur in Monty Python's HOLY GRAIL  - Hitchhiker's Guide Extractions.

Milliways- The Restaurant at the End of the Universe Milliways is the restaurant where you can come to eat, drink, and watch the gnab gib, the END OF THE UNIVERSE. Please made your reservations when you returned to your normal era. Thank you. This is an NBBS (Net Bulletin Board System) dedicated to Douglas Adams, and his best-selling Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The book that tells you how to see the Galaxy for Less than thirty Altarian Dollars a day!) and his Dirk Gentley books. You can discuss Douglas Adams' work with people all over the WWW! You first should read our Rules and Regulations before entering the FIVE-STAR restaurant. While you are reading them, your table will be prepared.

The Consummate Hitchhiker's Guide Due to an inability to keep this site current, I will be removing all of the links. However, the Complaint page seems to be working well and will remain.

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Vogons Welcome to The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the most wholly remarkable book in all of the known universe!

Vogon Heavy Industries is proud to make the Guide available to Earth Internet users under licence from Megadodo Publications, Ursa Minor.

FAQ - The FAQ Last Revision : 5/1/95 -  FOREWORD   - Buy "Don't Panic" by Neil Gaiman. It is the best guide to 'The Guide' that is around. 


Some Hitchhiker's Guide audio clips Index of
station.gif (32504 byte) Hitchhikers Guide to Startrek  - Setting: Deep space. Space is really, really big; so big it's bigger than you can think of big. I mean HUGE, unimaginably vast its ...

95-049 (Douglas Adams)Author Douglas Adams To Discuss `Parrots, the Universe and Everything'.

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